Defining urban law

In a chapter of an edited book Law Between Buildings: Emergent Global Perspectives in Urban Law , Juliet Moringiello provides some definition around the notion of urban law.

"Urban law emerged as a field of study in the wake of the Great Society reforms of the 1960s. Champions of the field urged increased attention to urban law in order to respond to the "urban crisis" of that era. Although suggestions for an urban law focus ranged from the addition of law school courses in fields designed to respond directly to urban poverty, to those addressing community structure and governance, to courses geared towards seving individuals generally, the central actor critical to all proposals is the individual. Proponents of urban law as a distinct sphere of study urged legal educators to focus more explicitly on the relationship of individuals to the law, the government, and the places they inhabit."

Juliet Moringiello 'Building a language of bankruptcy and insolvency' in N Mistry & N Davidson Law Between Buildings: Emergent Perspectives in Urban Law (2017) 50-51.