The Urban Law Lab is a global research and training consultancy that advises clients and provides training workshop solutions in understanding the relationship between law, property, and the urban environment.

Thomas Coggin, founder of the Urban Law Lab, has over seven years of experience in assisting clients in the public and private sectors on matters concerning urban planning law, property law, and the interplay between rights and the spatial environment. Thomas is a global co-coordinator of the International Research Group on Law & Urban Space, and is a doctoral candidate and fellow at Fordham University’s Urban Law Center.

We take an open approach to the law, seeing law principally as a tool with which to positively transform our lives in the urban environment. We are interested in the impact of law, both from a urban user perspective, and from an institutional and governance perspective.


We take a broad approach to the notion of the urban. We do not view this construct within a particular notion of what a city is, but acknowledge the wide array of environments which we inhabit.


We do not confine ourselves to any particular jurisdiction. We seek to understand the relationship between law and the urban in both common law and civil jurisdictions, as well as beyond the law itself.